Cat Domain Metal Cat Cage

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This roomy and airy metal cat cage is the ultimate Cat Domain.

The Cat Domain comes equipped with a sisal scratching board and sturdy shelves for climbing, conveniently positioned for easy movement throughout the cage. The Cat Domain cat cage is available in Small and Large with a plastic base for added stability and comfort for you cat.

The Cat Domain metal cat cage is lightweight, easy to keep clean and sanitary. The spacious interior includes plastic resting benches and easily accessible door openings. Comes with free sisal scratching post. Durable plastic base and shelves and 9 & 11 Gauge Wire.



  • Dual window-type doors for easy access to both levels
  • Bottom door can flip-up and hook allowing your cat to come and go at will
  • Sturdy base with caster allows mobility
  • Plastic base allows for simple cleaning - Wooden base available
  • Smooth, black epoxy finish of 11 & 9 gauge wire
  • Allows plenty of room for more than one cat while still providing semi-private areas for each pet
  • Cat Domain Sizes:
    • Small - 36W x 24D x 24H - 1 Door & 1 Bench
    • Large - 36W x 24D x 48H - 2 Doors & 2 Benches


  • One Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee