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Dogtra 2500 Train and Beeper Combo

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Bag The Most Birds and Increase Your Fun and Enjoyment The Next Time You Hunt!

A great tool for hunting large or small game birds, beeper collars allow you to know immediately if your dog is on point even if you lose sight of them due to heavy brush or other obstacles.

Motion sensors in the collars can be set to a wide variety of settings including run / point modes that beep when your dog is active and then change beeps when they are on point. You can even set these electronic dog collars to only beep when on point. Many models have remote control transmitters that allow you to turn on and off your dogs' collar based upon the terrain you are in. This is really effective to use when your cover is changing from sparse to dense or vice versa. These simple, effective dog training collars will make you a more effective hunter.

Dogtra 2500 Train and Beeper Combo