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Dog Agility Ring Jump

SKU: PDT00-11033
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You’ll love watching your pet jump through this ring! His jumping is confined to a very specific area, so it takes tremendous agility on his part – and that means the two of you can have lots of fun training together. Best of all, the ring is made of soft material so your dog won’t get hurt if he bumps it during a jump.

The Ring Jump Agility Training Set is the perfect way to prepare your pet for dog agility competitions. Made of soft, safe, lightweight material, this dog agility ring jump will help you train your pet just like the professionals- and you can use it anywhere you choose!

This Ring Jump comes complete with a carrying case, so taking it on the road or to the park with you is easy. Getting your pet to jump might seem difficult at first, but with the included Dog Agility Training Guide, you will have your pet leaping through the ring in no time. This is one of the premier dog agility tools- don't miss out! The Ring Jump Agility Training Set comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty!



  •     Dimensions: 40" H x 31" W x 22.5" L
  •     Break-away foam ring for safety
  •     Includes Dog Agility Training Guide
  •     Made of Lightweight material
  •     Easy to assemble
  •     Comes with carrying case
  •     1 Year Limited Warranty
  •     Training Level: Intermediate


  •     Lifetime Warranty
  •     60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee