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Holistic Joint & Arthritis Pet Supplement

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Take a Holistic approach to better pet health.
VG750 is a new, holistic approach for joint rehabilitation and relieving joint discomfort in dogs!

Ease your dog's degenerative joint problems effectively with a natural supplement derived from a plant or to support existing "healthy" joints and tissue. Not just for senior dogs, also great for the active working dog, from SMALL to LARGE breeds.

Is your dog prone to joint problems, is he getting older or has he had an injury and having trouble walking or jumping on the couch? Is it joint deterioration? How can you help your dog's quality of life by easing his joint discomfort or maintaining the health of his joints?  Relieve and Reduce these problems in as little as 5-10 days!

VG750 may also help slow the progression of degenerative joints with properties that may help to prevent the depletion of calcium. It will also reduce the swelling and joint discomfort naturally with out the nasty side effects of conventional pain relievers. VG750 is so powerful that it takes effect with the very first dose.

Dosage & Cost:

  • 2-25 Pound Dog: - 1/2 pill a day = 4 month supply - 25¢ Per Day
  • 25-50 Pound Dog: - 1 pill a day = 2 month supply - 49¢ Per Day
  • 50+ Pound Dog: - 2 pills a day = 1 month supply - 98¢ Per Day

These are guide lines, in some cases you may give a larger dose of VG750 to bigger or more acute cases. We try to have everyone start out at the lowest possible dose for the weight of the dog that we have seen be effective. We want you to get the most product for your money.


  • Assists in the rehabilitation and protection of joints and tissue
  • Pain and swelling reduction without side effects
  • Possesses analgesic properties on a mg per mg basis comparable to aspirin or other anti-inflammatory products
  • Has been shown to help with a 90% tensile strength of fractured bones in 6 weeks
  • 33-55% reduction in fracture healing time
  • Formulated in a chewable beef flavored tablet for easy administration
  • No filler, just one beneficial ingredient
  • Rich in vitamins/antioxidants Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene
  • Safe to use with other products with no known interaction.


  • One Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.