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Keep your dog or puppy out of certain areas or in specified areas. When you purchase an indoor pet gate, you protect “all” of the things you love.

Convertible Elite Pet Gate
Cool Breeze Freestanding Pet Gate
Cool Breeze Freestanding Pet Gate

The Cool Breeze Free Standing Pet Gate is the latest in our line of fine gates. With a beautifull white finish it is ideal for more contemporary decors. 

Extra Tall Wire Pet Gate
Four Panel EZ Pet Gate
Free Standing Pet Gate

A sturdy 20 " hardwood pet gate with finishes that compliment any decor and is designed to stand on its own while securing your pets. Simply adjust this sturdy pet gate to confine and protect your pets.

Free Standing Pet Gates- Large

This adjustable wooden dog gate is designed to support itself and protect your pets.

Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate (MPS009)
Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate


A  pet gate and pet crate all in one

Large Two Panel EZ Pet Gate
Small Two Panel EZ Pet Gate