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Instant Wireless Dog Fence

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Just Plug It In, Adjust The Range, Then Start Training!
The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence is so easy to set up, all you have to do is plug it in and adjust the signal range and you can start training your pet!

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence was the first wireless pet containment system invented after years of research. The Wireless Dog Fence Collar has Six Levels of Programmable Correction. Now you can customize the correction level to meet your dog's unique training needs! Only PetSafe offers this flexibility in a Wireless Dog Fence! The Instant Fence is completely portable, so you can take it, and your pet, wherever you go. So your pet is safe, and your mind is at ease.


Wireless Dog Fence Includes:

  • Transmitter with Power Adapter
  • Receiver with Adjustable Collar
  • Short and Long Contact Points
  • Operating and Training Guide
  • PetSafe RFA-67 Battery
  • 50 Training Flags
  • Test Light Tool.

Additional Transmitters:

The signal field can be adjusted anywhere from a 30 to 180 foot diameter from the transmitter. The shape of the signal is in a perfect circle and the shape cannot be changed. The range of The PetSafe Wireless Instant Dog Fence can be increased by using two or more transmitters.  This creates multiple intersecting circles, two transmitters would create a boundary in a shape similar to the MasterCard™ logo. The signal is cancelled where the circles intersect, allowing the pet access to the entire area. The transmitters can be located a maximum of 150 feet apart and each transmitter must be out of the weather, they cannot get wet. An additional transmitter would create a boundary that is up to 180 feet wide and up to 330 feet long.



  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.