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Cadillac High Back Console Pet Car Seat

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Keep your expensive Automobile upholstery clean and free from dirt and pet hair.

Our pet seats allow your dog or cat to ride comfortably and securely within your car or truck. They are equally ideal for quick visits to the veterinarian or long road trips and they  act as a protective layer to your expensive car seats.

Bowsers Booster Car Seat
Console Lookout
Deluxe Bench Seat Cover (62283)
Deluxe Bench Seat Cover
Deluxe Sta-Put SUV Cargo Liner
Deluxe SUV Cargo Liner
Golf Cart Pet Seat- Large
Snoozer Half Bench Seat Cover (SN-51050)
Half Bench Seat Cover
Large Console Lookout
Large Lookout Car Seat
Large Lookout Dog Car Seat
Large Luxury Lookout I
Large Luxury Lookout II
Luxury High Back Console
Luxury High Back Console

 The Luxury High-Back Console Pet Car Seat lets your pet sit comfortably up front with you, even when you have another passenger

Pet Car Seat Cover
Pet Full Bench Seat Cover
Small Luxury Lookout I
Small Luxury Lookout II
Snoozer Dog Car Harness
Snoozer Lookout I - Small