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Cascade Hang-On Power Filters

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Revolutionary Quad Filtration System!
Featuring the Bio-Falls™ Wet/Dry Biological Booster for additional ammonia and nitrate removal - enhances oxygen exchange for maximum water oxygenation!

  • Polyfiber floss cartridge traps floating particle matter
  • Chemical activated carbon cartridge removes harmful chemicals
  • Internal sponge optimizes beneficial aerobic bacteria
  • Removes ammonia and nitrates
  • External bio-falls for additional ammonia and nitrate removal
  • Offered in several sizes for several tanks sizes

Cascade 80

Up to 10 Gallons 

Pumps 80 gph 

Cascade 100

Up to 20 Gallons 

Pumps 100 gph 

Cascade 150

Up to 35 Gallons 

Pumps 150 gph 

Cascade 200

Up to 55 Gallons 

Pumps 185 gph 

Cascade 300 

Up to 100 Gallons 

Pumps 300 gph