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Berlin Air-Lift Internal Skimmer

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The Berlin Air-Lift is a high performance, easy to install & maintain, low cost internal protein skimmer based on the Berlin Triple-Pass principle. The Air-Lift is powered by a lime wood air-stone attached to an external air pump (not supplied). When air is administered to the Berlin Air-Lift, a continuous stream of fine air bubbles will rise into the inner tube. The air bubbles also draw aquarium water into the skimmer (air-lift effect). The inner tube opens into the outer tube holding the foam cup. In the first pass of the air bubbles, from the air-stone up through the inner tube, foam will be formed and pushed into the foam cup. The water will flow down the outer tube, drawing with it a significant amount of air bubbles. The outer tube ends at the air return skirt, forcing the air upwards, against the current, in the direction of the foam cup. The water without air will flow back to the aquarium via outer tube and air return skirt. The benefit of a protein skimmer lies in the fact that once the waste materials are skimmed off, they are excluded from the water flow, preventing bacteria from decomposing these organic compounds, e.g. to nitrate and phosphate. Since it removes their food source, a protein skimmer also reduces the amount of harmful free floating bacteria.

  • Triple air pass
  • Compact design
  • Lime wood air stone
  • Total height:  17.5" (43 cm)
  • Available in 2 sizes rated for 240 liter/60 gal and 350 liter/90 gal
  • Separate water inlet and water outlet
  • Easy installed in aquarium, sump or filter compartment
  • Easily dissassembled for cleaning and maintenance
  • Air pump not supplied