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Pet Tube Carrier Kennel

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The Pet Tube has been designed to follow you and your animals everywhere granting a perfect performance thanks to its high quality, materials' resistance and stylish features. It comes in two sizes in order to fit either a small or a large pet. Your car will stay clean and proper while you'll be sure to travel with your pets in total safety.

PetTube is made of HDF (Heavy Duty Fabric), is liquid-proof and scratch-proof. More than this, thanks to the mesh fabric on its upper part, perfect air circulation is allowed. Thanks to the HDF structure and to an elastic element, you'll be able to use your PetTube in different ways, adapting it to both your pet (length) and your car loading situations. You may open it completely or partially and when folded, and it takes up very little room.

It comes in 2 useful tube shapes, the larger of which can be used partially at one or two thirds of its total length, thus solving space problems on the back seat.The Large version may be used on the back seats while the small one is also fit for the front seats. It protects you, your animals and your car granting safety while travelling. Your pets will not disturb the driver and will be safe in case of accident.

Small - 18" Long x 18" Wide

Large - 47" Long x 24" Wide

Safety belts
Closing zip
Scratch-proof flap door
High-resistance tear-proof liquid-proof HDF (Heavy Duty Fabric)
Velcro adjustable width
Folds flat