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Remote dog training collars or “shock collars” as they are commonly referred to are easy to use and very safe and effective when used properly. Most of the shock collars use a warning tone then a vibration and then, if necessary, a slight stimulation. They can be used to protect your dog from dangerous situations as well as behavior correction and are only effective when used immediately as the correctable behavior is exhibited. When training, be sure to praise your dog and reward proper alternative behaviors.

Full line of beeper collars and remote trainers.

Advanced, affordable electronic training collars.

Affordable dog shock collars and dog beeper collars.

Dog training collars utilizing ultrasonic, static or vibration corrections.

Top quality, rugged electronic training collars.

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 highly featured electronic dog collar training system

DogTek Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar

The Canicom 200 by DogTek is an Remote training system for training a single dog with a working range of 200 yards.