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REPCT2 Reptology Eco System Reptile Cage

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The Reptology Eco System II Reptile Cage treats your reptiles and amphibians to a home specifically designed for their unique needs. Unlike a standard aquarium, this glass terrarium features front-opening doors and a removable top screen for easy feeding and maintenance.

This reptile tank features a deep fixed front window allowing for an aquatic section and substrate. Adding accessories is simple with the raised bottom and wire and tube inlets. The system also holds water up to its doors, making it excellent for semi-aquatic species. Reptology reptile habitats offer all of the features you need to create the ideal environment for both reptiles and amphibians.


  • Fully assembled habitats with tempered glass
  • Front sliding doors with locking tabs
  • Integrated front vents
  • Deep fixed front window allows for aquatic section and substrate
  • Removable top screen - larger units include support bars to hold weight of light fixtures
  • Inlet access for tubes and wires


  • 12" L x 12" W x 18" H