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Reptology Decorator Reptile Cage



Bring Your Reptiles Out Of The Basement with the Reptology Decorator Reptile Cage - An environment created for healthy reptile care and designed as a beautiful piece of furniture to showcase them in.

This reptile vivarium is ideal for lizards, snakes and other reptiles. You can create a desert landscape and easily customize it to your heating, lighting and ventilation needs with the ventilation and cord ports. The enclosed wall provides a secure environment encouraging natural and healthy behavior.

Locking sliding glass doors and high quality, water resistant construction is easy to clean and a great insulator to reduce energy costs.


  • Ideal for lizards, snakes and other reptiles - create a desert landscape
  • Easily customized to meet your heating, lighting and ventilation requirements
  • Includes ventilation and cord ports
  • Enclosed walls provide secure environment, encouraging natural and healthy behavior
  • Locking sliding tempered glass doors for added security
  • High Quality E0 grade Medium Density Fiberboard - water resistant, solid construction, drillable and easy to clean
  • Great insulator - helps to reduce energy cost
  • Easy to assemble - Easier to transport